terça-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2011

This year….

Wow, has it really been a whole year since i have made a post??? yeah, as you can see i have been a little (A LOT) sloppy about this. 
So, i will start by telling a few things about how this year has been. A lot of friends and family that i truly cared about have left. This i guess is one of the hardest part of living in a country with a lot of foreigners, they have to go back to their hometown. I am at the end of Year 9, i have to admit i am getting kind of anxious. Im not getting any younger, and every year that passes i know i am one step closer to university, pretty scary thought for someone who is 14. Yeah yeah, im pretty young and have plenty of time, but u know, 3 years can go by really quickly. 

Timor i am proud to say is getting better. 
Ladies and Gentleman… 
If you don't live in Timor u might not think it's a big deal,,, but IT IS! The mall is quite big, has air conditioning, is soon going to have a cinema and already has quite a few shops. And lucky me, it's down the road from my school!  *Major YAY! moment*  ;) 

Timor had improved a lot since 2004. The changes are unbelievable. I am really happy and hope the improvement doesn't stop. 

My school, well everything is quite the same… Some teachers are leaving, new ones are coming. 
Oh, yeah, this past year, i got a puppy! It's a female, her name is Phoebe! (yes, i have chosen that name from the series F.R.I.E.N.D.S, and as you can now probably tell, i am fanatic about it!) I got her from the furniture shop Rosco's. I am also fanatic about the series Vampire Diaries, it completely rocks, and dont worry, it's not like Twilight with the whole Edward sparkle thing. :P It is actually pretty cool, and looks real. Unfortunately the next episode to season 3 will only come out in January!!! *NOOOOO!!!* 

And yeah, that was all for the time being, post some more laterz!   ;D 

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