domingo, 7 de novembro de 2010

Sunday's Memories

So, It has been nearly a month since i haven't wrote in here... well i've been really busy lately..  I've already had like 2 tests, i have this English task i had to do, and of course i've been going to my new house nearly twice a day. My family has spend 4 years in this very small house in Timor. It has only 2 small rooms, a living room / kitchen and 2 bathrooms... It has no garden, which makes my wanting a dog task even harder.. So we thought it was about time to move into a bigger house with a garden and a swimming pool... So as i said i didn't have much time to write. 

So back to the real subject and purpose of this post, today is sunday. Sundays are always very pleasant... I remember my sundays in 2006. We didn't have much to do, so we always went to the One dollar Beach (remember when i told u about it??). The one dollar beach is a very nice and clean beach. When i came to Timor the movie Finding Nemo had just come to Brazil, so i was amazed by the clown fish. When we went to the beach i remember i would see millions of them when the water was only up to my knees. I thought it was magical! I've saw 2 whales in the one dollar beach already. The first time i remember it was very funny. Me, my dad and  some of my adult friends were in the sand having a taste of my dad's delicious BBQ, while my mum was coming out of the water and coming to join us. She had her back to the water, so then me and my friends saw the whale's tail splashing in the water and then we yelled out "Look! it's a whale!" My mum started swearing and saying "You guys are not going to eat my dessert anymore!" that's when i said "Mum! turn around!" she did and we all rolled of laughter! It was amazing, i never thought i would see a whale so close like that. 

There was also the day that i saw 2 hurricanes in the water at the same time. One was kinda close it was about 200 meters from us and the other one was really far about 300 meters away from us. It was amazing and also frightening. We got it all in tape which was really cool. 

So there are much more stories to tell about th one dollar beach, but i'll get back to that latter.... :) 

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  1. Ei Natália! Excelente ver você de volta à escrita! Continue postando sobre seus saborosos domingos em Timor Leste. Um beijo.
    Obs: como andam as obras na casa nova? A What Lafaek está a postos, aguardando convite para a festa de inauguração.