terça-feira, 28 de setembro de 2010

Being a Teenager in Timor

Ok, going through your teenager years in Timor isn't easy. 
First: Timor doesn't have malls, cinemas, giant schools, clean parks, ect. 
So you have to live with what you have. Me and my friends usually love having a horror movie night with popcorn and lot's of screaming! :) But we all get used to it. 

But of course Timor has it's magic. 
I came to Timor when i just turned 7. Im practically half Timorese.. (Since i have nearly spend half of my life in Timor)  hehe 
I have tons of stories to tell about my childhood in Timor, and that's what this blog is for. 

I remember my first day in Timor.. It was in the afternoon, i was a little hungry from the jet lag, so i suggested for us to go to McDonald's. But my parents said that there were no fast food places. So i said "how come? So u mean there's no fast food in Malls in here?" Little did i know there were no malls in here as well... So it was a weird start for me.

The next day me and my parents had lunch with my dad's boss in a near by restaurant. So the days went on and i eventually went to D.I.S (Dili International School) an Australian school. It's a very small school.. I had around 15 classmates and a very nice teacher. 

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