terça-feira, 28 de setembro de 2010

My Adaptation in Timor

So continuing my story.. 
When i came to school i was 8 and didn't speak A WORD in English. Luckily there was a Brazilian girl who helped me in everything. It was tough staying in an environment where you can't communicate with anyone. But the days went on and after around 4 months i was able to speak an connect with other people. I was very happy and over-welmmed. I had 2 brazilian friends.. well... i wouldn't really call them friends, but they were my only option. (i'll get back to that latter) 

Me, my parents and some really cool adult friends would EVERY sunday go to the 1 dollar Beach (they call it that because it is a very clean and beautiful beach, and people use to charge $1 for anyone who wanted to go there) and have tons of fun! So because i didn't have any close friends with the same age as me, i became more mature quicker. 

So as i said before Timor has it's magic.. I absolutely love my life in Timor. In Timor no day is an ordinary day. You will always have at least one story to tell about your day. And that's what i love. Since Timor isn't a very big country, everything that happens only takes seconds for everybody to know.  

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