quarta-feira, 29 de setembro de 2010

More Stories...

As i've mentioned before, having your teenage years in timor isn't easy...  Me and my friends usually go to this new restaurant called 'Street Burger King'  (omg, the chinese copy everything!) hehehe.. ^_^ We also go swimming a lot since Timor's weather is like 40 degrees!   Me and my Brasilian friends were trying to start a little band.. (Not sure how that's working out since we have only one guitar and a piano...) 

So getting back to my story from when i came to Timor... And this is actually way way way back. I was about to go to 1st grade in this like GIANT school! before 1st grade i used to go to a very small sister school.. So it was my first time going to a big school. I went to visit the school, then 1 week later my parents decided to put me in it, so one day before school, my parents told me the news that i was going to Timor. I was really upset. I mean like i didn't even  know Timor existed.  So far i thought Timor was in Australia.  So i asked my mum to show it to in the map. When she did i was like "ok where is it?.. Oh! it's that little spot over there!" 

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